I am a painter, but my medium is “stuff” rather than paint: my work surface is a table instead of an easel. Found materials inspire my collage rather than any pre-conceived idea of mine.

I pay attention to the random, discarded bits of the world-anything and everything that has had a life and then been thrown away: old wool quilt scraps, painters drop cloths, faded jeans worn in the knees, a plastic bag of buttons, old house shingles, a book cover long since lost from its pages, rusty bottle caps, gifts from friends’ foreign travels.

My tools and materials are simple: scissors, hammer and nails, screwdriver and screws, plywood, foam core, glue/paste, polymer liquid, brushes and paint for frames.

My search for materials is ongoing, and my process for using them continuous. For me, this is what Joseph Cornell called “the sacred search.”


My goal in collage is to present the duality of the elements- first the historical truth and then the new life.

Over the years, this has become my prayerful adventure.


Joy Floyd
July 2016